Halloween Dance

Our First Dance Back at the New Building
Here are a few tips and guidelines for our first dance back at the new building.
  • The dance is in the gym – Friday, October 27th,  6:00 pm to 8:30 pm – Cost is $5.00.
  • Dance is for CSA students only.
  • Bring extra money if you want snacks. Items are $1 to $2 a piece.
  • Parent drop off and pick up is on the east side of the building. This is all the way over on the Grob Stadium side of the complex.
  • For their own safety and your peace of mind, we do not allow students to leave the dance once they get here. If you need to pick up your child before 8:30, you will need to park and physically come into the dance area to get your child. We will have a teacher on duty at the gate.
  • Picking up your child can be stressful especially if you are waiting in the car line and your child is nowhere to be seen. Many parents will park their car and hang out by the exit to the dance and then walk their child back to their car. This is also a great time to hear side conversations about the dance as the kids exit—they tend to be a little loud when leaving.

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