Chess Club News

Chess Club News
On Saturday, January 27, the CSA chess team once again played with intelligence and determination. Our team of Matthew Neomoto, Mario Reyes, and Cole Tanner fought hard against stiff competition, including the 4 top-ranked players in their section. Six middle school teams competed in their section, many larger and more experienced, and CSA emerged victorious with a 2nd place trophy. This could not have happened without the hard work of each of our team members. Mario Reyes and Cole Tanner also earned trophies after tying for 3rd place, each winning 4 of their 5 rounds.
We should be proud, not only of their accomplishments, but also of their conduct and sportsmanship. I was proud to be associated with these CSA Cougars, and I hope more students will consider joining us for the next tournament February 24 at the Village School. Mr. Gregg should have the details for that tournament, but please contact me if he needs it.
For those who may not know, this tournament took the top 3 scores from each school to determine team awards. If even one of our guys hadn’t been there or played well, we would have come home with experience but no trophy. They were paired up against students with rankings 200 to 400 points higher than theirs. And one of the schools we bested had a team of 9, 6 of whom were ranked higher than our highest-ranked player. I am still blown away by their performance.
Cole will bring the team trophy to the office tomorrow morning. We weren’t able to get a team picture with the trophy, as one member had to leave before the awards ceremony. So maybe Mrs. Wood could get a picture of Matthew Nemoto, Mario Reyes, and Cole Tanner (all 6th graders) with the trophy and Mr. Gregg at some point.
Once again, congratulations to another group of Cornerstone champions!

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