Legislative Update

Primary Election

Voting for the primaries is March 6, 2018.  Early voting is great for busy parents and is available from February 20th-March 2nd.  Early voting locations near SBSID are Trini Mendenhall and Nottingham Park. (These locations are the same as the bond vote, although you can vote in any Harris County early voting location).  Just a reminder: Texas has OPEN primaries, meaning you do NOT need to be a registered member of a political party to vote in the primary.  Any registered voter can vote in EITHER primary.  (You can only vote in one however, so you will need to choose.)  The winners of the primary will be on the ballot in November.  You do not have to vote for the same person in November that you voted for in the primary.

Also, SBISD will be holding an election for the Board of Trustees on May 5th. Early voting will likely be April 23rd-May 2nd.  (More information on early voting locations will be available soon.)  Currently, the positions/candidates are:

Position 3:
Minda Caesar
Noel Lezama

Position 4:
Chris Vierra

The Council of PTAs will be hosting a forum for everyone to hear the candidates answer questions.  Information on date/location for the forum will be coming soon.

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