Ridgecrest Elementary Fall Festival Cake Walk Booth this Friday

Do you or your student love to bake? Don’t have time to bake, but are willing to grab something extra at the store this week? Please click on the link below and help us provide baked goods for Ridgecrest Elementary (our sister school) Fall Festival Cake Walk Booth this Friday:



The Sister School Solution partners schools within SBISD to help meet some of the needs of students and teachers on other SBISD campuses. Most of these campuses lack a PTA, so we are there to offer assistance as able to the teachers, staff and students. CSA is proud to be partnered with Ridgecrest Elementary (RGE) as our Sister School. The Sister School PTA Chairs will be sending communications throughout the year updating you on our partnership with RGE and how you can help.


If you have any questions please contact CSA’s PTA Sister School Chairs:
Lori Koehn – Koehn981@gmail.com – 713-851-7832
Leslie Appling – lrbappling@gmail.com – 832-483-8227

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