CSA Voices in Austin

The Texas legislative session is underway, and school finance is at the forefront. While our representatives craft their proposals, we parents and community members can show our commitment to proper funding for education. Can you spare at least five minutes? This week’s Five Minutes for Funding:
  1. Go to www.txpta.org and use the Texas PTA’s form and link to contact your representatives and craft a message telling how much we care about funding for our terrific schools. You can use this link and send your message in well under five minutes!
  2. Consider attending PTA Rally Day in Austin on February, 25, 2019. This is a chance to show how much our public schools mean to us. Spring Branch Council of PTAs is sponsoring a bus for your convenience. Go the following link for more information http://www.sbisdcpta.net.
  3. To find out more, attend one of SBISD’s legislative town hall meetings. You’ll hear the latest information concerning the legislature and public education. The meetings will start at 7 p.m. and take place in each high school’s auditorium.